• Accountability and Your Business Coach

    business coaching One of the most important qualities in a business coach is their ability to improve accountability. One of the most common issues in business problems is people not holding themselves accountable for mistakes or problems. At times the business as a whole is lacking in taking accountability. A major core in strong businesses is the ability to hold accountability for itself and its employees. A business coach is typically trained on the principle that everyone is accountable for their actions. Whether a business fails or succeeds should be the concern of every employee. If there is a problem, it should be everyone’s problem and everyone should be working to fix it.

    How accountability can re-shape a business.

    When a business becomes truly accountable for itself, and its employees all work together to recognize, acknowledge and fix problems, then they can become a powerful force in the business world. The age old flaw of “passing the buck”, where a problem is handed off down the line until someone fixes it, can hinder a business’s ability to grow. The business coach often starts by making it clear what accountability is and how important it is for the success of the business. The potential and current goal is set and then a plan is given. Every person is held responsible for following the plan and seeing the goal realized. When everyone works together, as a team, and accountable for their own actions, it can be one of the best benefits of a business coach.

    The accountability of your business coach is also important.

    Not only can a business coach teach a team to be accountable, they should also be examples of the practice themselves. They should have a record of proof regarding their success as a business coach and should be willing to accept if a plan does not succeed. It is one of the hardest things in life to learn and live by, but it separates the successful from the rest. When interviewing a potential business coach, it is important to ask for not examples of success, but failure as well. As no one is without a learning curve, coaches who profess to having no failures may be in denial and not the best to teach accountability. There are two other words that are synonymous with accountability; honesty and integrity. These are traits that you want the business coach to have and to help teach.