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  • The Business of Athletic Performance Enhancement

    performance supplementsIn the highly competitive world of athletics, sportspersons are keen on winning, no matter the size or stage of the contest. This is the reason why athletes and sportspersons are looking for supplements that can put them in an advantageous position. Athletic performance enhancement has become a crucial niche because consuming these performance enhancement supplements, an athlete could enjoy more stamina, muscle mass and strength.

    These days, business of athletic performance enhancement is thriving like anything. You could see various kinds of athletic performance supplement selling in the market like hot cakes. The athletic performance can be majorly classified into two types – legal and illegal. Legal athletic performance enhancement product contains ingredients that are approved by FDA or most other food regulatory bodies around the world. These types of supplements are relatively safe when consumed in recommended levels. Some of the legal and accepted athletic performance enhancements are protein powders, creatine, etc.

    In most cases, athletic performance enhancement mainly refers to anabolic steroids, which is a banned substance in many countries. The reason why this drug is banned is due to the adverse health effects. Anabolic steroid just acts as a testosterone in our body – improving muscle build and stamina. There are so many health problems associated with this drug like abnormal heart rates, hormone disorders, abnormal muscles growth, etc.

    Though the many countries and almost all sports organization have banned using anabolic steroid, these drugs are still sold in the illegal or black market with great demand. Anabolic steroids are often manufactured in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies and also they are also made in home based underground labs, especially in the countries where these drugs are banned. In many cases, the anabolic steroids manufactured in one country and smuggled across another country.

    In the developed countries like Europe, U.S and Canada, the banned steroids are available for sales. They are also sold in gyms and other pharmacies. However, these drugs cannot be purchased without prescription. In U.S., possession of anabolic steroids without any prescription would lead to arrest and jail sentence for at least one year.  Before doing business or buying anabolic steroid, you should know whether the drug is banned in your country or not. You can also find many anabolic steroids sold online today.

  • Setup a Dental Clinic the Right Way

    If you are a dentist who wants to start a business, you need to know how to correctly setup a dental clinic that provides top notch general and cosmetic dental solutions. Here are few tips to keep you on the right track.

    Setting up a Dental Clinic

    Budget, Location and License

    tiger smile dentalYou need to establish a budget as much as possible, and consider the amount of money you will need to acquire from bank loans, grants or savings accounts. Find the right location for your business. Take a close look at all the areas of your city and rent an office space where your business is needed most, and then sign a 5-year lease. Your office should have between 30 and 60 square feet, but you might need up to 24 square feet to allocate your chair setups, X-ray processing, compressors and suction pumps.

    You need to use 20 square feet just for office personnel and utility storage, and 35 square feet should be reserved for your vestibule in order to meet the standards of Americans with Disability. Visit the Dental Board of Examiners to get your practice license, and then get your anesthesia license. Next get to the City Hall and obtain your business permit. Hiring a consultant is fine if you need some help filing out the paper work.

    FTID, ESD, Insurance

    If you need to hire staff, visit the Employment Security Division to register your business, and then get your FTIN from the IRS. Next get compensation insurance for your workers, business insurance and malpractice insurance right away. If you want to re-design the office according to your taste, hire a company to deal with this task. Buy medical equipment and furniture, so get quotes from different providers that offer the best prices.
    X-Rays, Additional Equipment

    Visit the Department of Nuclear Safety and register your X-Ray machines. Visit the Water Disposal branch of the Health Department and register your business to remove waste from your procedures – needles, removed teeth, removed prosthesis and additional materials. Buy dental software, which must be connected to all other equipment including your intraoral camera.

    You should be the only person with access to the patient`s database. Make sure your PC has DVD built-in to give a copy to your patient when the procedure is finished. Be sure to buy a monitor to show the procedure to your patience. In addition, you should store this information to help you deal with any legal issue.

    Staff, Price and Advertising

    Hire a trained staff in emergencies and dental procedures. They will help you to call an ambulance in case of an emergency and to support you when CPR procedures need to be done. Your receptionist and dental assistant should have the proper training, which most comply with the OSHA protocol. In addition, your staff will deal with your clients and insurance firms.

    Set your fees and get in touch with insurance firms to let them know you are accepting their particular policies in your business. Build reputation and start promoting your business. Offer some discounts for particular procedures and let everybody know that you are in business. Local advertising will be useful, so consider using Google Adwords, newspaper and radio.

  • Why Should You Choose a Cosmetology School in Asheville NC?

    asheville nc cosmetologyCosmetologist, hair stylist, aesthetician, manicure expert and salon manager jobs are in high demand in recent years and the number of students enrolling in beauty schools has skyrocketed, especially in places like Asheville, North Carolina. If you are looking to choose a cosmetology school yourself, you should know some facts way when you start looking for the best school.

    How much can you earn as a cosmetologist?

    The average salary of cosmetologist comes around $30,000 per year as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But it may go up to $50, 000 based on various factors such as the location of the business, the types & class of customers, number of working hours, behavioral qualities, etc. So, before choosing a cosmetology school in Asheville, NC, know about the current demands and trends of cosmetologist salaries. You can do a basic research on the same in the internet, as so many resources are available to help you decide if the salary can suit your interest, long term goals and needs.

    What specialty will you choose?

    There are a number of careers in the cosmetology field and each requires a special skills, training and certification. You can be a full time professional Cosmetologist, manicurist, hairstylist or a salon manager if you want to start small and gain more experience. If you are sure about your skills and expertise, you can also become a beauty care marketing professional, PR Specialist or Beauty Magazine reporter. If you are lucky enough to find opportunities and smart enough to utilize them, you can become a Beauty School owner yourself.

    So, it is advisable to choose your long term goal and fix up with what you want to see yourself in the future, way before you start looking for a cosmetology school.

    What is the future scope of this field?

    As per reports, personal hygiene and style related jobs may see a sharp 20% increase in the next 4 years. This list includes jobs like hairstylists, manicurists, pedicurists, skin care specialists and cosmetologists. So, you can b rest assured of your future career scope when you choose a cosmetology course, as the light is going get brighter as the time flies.

    Choose the course wisely, fix your future goal and know everything about the school you are going to enroll yourself in, before you decide if you can pursue a course in a cosmetology school in Asheville NC.

  • Benefits of a Business Plan in a Flooring Service

    atlanta flooring options for officesA well-assembled business plan plays a major role in many stages of a startup and it is an unavoidable evil in most common large scale businesses like providing inventory-heavy services such as flooring sales and installation. A perfect and detailed business plan made with complete insight of the current market, trends, product requirement, threats, opportunities, etc. can be a major contributor of a successful business in the long run. Let us check out some of the situations where a business plan can help in a business.

    Startup Financing

    Finding a startup financing institute or investor can be made easy with a detailed business plan that tells briefly about your experience in the areas of your business services, knowledge about equipment, customer service goals, etc. Also, it is not possible to forward a business loan application in any form, if a business plan is not attached to it. Starting up large businesses like providers of residential and office flooring around Atlanta depends mainly on the accuracy and information provided in the business plan.

    Setting Up Goals

    A business running without a business plan is like a ship sailing without knowing the destination, and both may not last for so long. A deep understanding of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that forms the crux of a business plan could be driving force of a successful business, as goals, values and vision of a business can be decided based on them. Businesses like providers of Flooring in Atlanta could make the most of a business plan, as the competition and challenges are intense in those areas.

    Fixing Values

    A detailed business plan can lead you to fix up the exact price for different products and services, and the ways you can justify the same with the customers. So many new businesses come out with higher price tags for services & products and a few of them succeed, because they could have drafted a business plan that discusses the marketability of expensive services to the right type of customers who expect not low amount invoices, but better quality of service and products. Flooring is a fine example of such a  situation, where businesses came out with higher price tags and met success because of quality service. A key factor that made them successful could definitely be a business plan.

    If you find it difficult to create a detailed business plan, or feel like that your business plan is missing something, don’t hesitate to consult a business advisor.

  • Accountability and Your Business Coach

    business coaching One of the most important qualities in a business coach is their ability to improve accountability. One of the most common issues in business problems is people not holding themselves accountable for mistakes or problems. At times the business as a whole is lacking in taking accountability. A major core in strong businesses is the ability to hold accountability for itself and its employees. A business coach is typically trained on the principle that everyone is accountable for their actions. Whether a business fails or succeeds should be the concern of every employee. If there is a problem, it should be everyone’s problem and everyone should be working to fix it.

    How accountability can re-shape a business.

    When a business becomes truly accountable for itself, and its employees all work together to recognize, acknowledge and fix problems, then they can become a powerful force in the business world. The age old flaw of “passing the buck”, where a problem is handed off down the line until someone fixes it, can hinder a business’s ability to grow. The business coach often starts by making it clear what accountability is and how important it is for the success of the business. The potential and current goal is set and then a plan is given. Every person is held responsible for following the plan and seeing the goal realized. When everyone works together, as a team, and accountable for their own actions, it can be one of the best benefits of a business coach.

    The accountability of your business coach is also important.

    Not only can a business coach teach a team to be accountable, they should also be examples of the practice themselves. They should have a record of proof regarding their success as a business coach and should be willing to accept if a plan does not succeed. It is one of the hardest things in life to learn and live by, but it separates the successful from the rest. When interviewing a potential business coach, it is important to ask for not examples of success, but failure as well. As no one is without a learning curve, coaches who profess to having no failures may be in denial and not the best to teach accountability. There are two other words that are synonymous with accountability; honesty and integrity. These are traits that you want the business coach to have and to help teach.